Veterans who are addicted to opioids have many friends and allies
​ready to render assistance

My Bother's House -  

My Brother’s House is an independent, not-for-profit (501c[3]) residential housing and faith-based counseling facility group dedicated to the veterans of America’s fighting forces.  Our homes located nationwide, provide shelter and short-term crisis counseling needs of returning, disabled, and elderly veterans of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, their National Guard units, reserves, and auxiliaries.  My Brother’s House works closely with allied agencies and organizations, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), American Veterans Association (AMVETS), the Department of Disabled Services, local religious institutions, hospitals, homeless services groups, and mental health professionals, to create a safe, positive, affirming residential environment for each veteran.


 Phone:    +1 (202) 379-5571, E-mail:

A Safe Haven  

At A Safe Haven we help  homeless people that are in sudden or chronic social and financial crisis address the root causes of their problems and we help them achieve sustainable self-sufficiency.  For over 20 years we have provided individualized services. Our unique comprehensive and integrated model and specialized programs help thousands of  people every year from the following populations in need:


  •  Military Veterans
  • Women with Children
  • Families
  • Youth (18-24 year olds)
  • Non-violent Criminal Justice Impacted Populations including: Court Mandated Diversion, Pre-Trial and Ex-Offenders
  • Single Adults


If you or someone you know, falls into any one of these categories, we can help. To learn more please call us at 773-435-8300 ask for “intake” or email us at to learn more.

A Safe Haven’s programs are funded by most government agencies to provide the services free of charge to the homeless, if you qualify.  Legal and health insurance professionals are also welcome to call on behalf of their clients and beneficiaries.

Operation Support Our Troops -

Our Veterans Assistance Program was founded in the spirit of Veterans Helping Veterans. Our program provides ‘last chance’ assistance to Veterans experiencing hardship. All Veterans requesting assistance must demonstrate their need with honesty and have a sustainability plan. If awarded assistance, it is in the form of a one-time grant. The primary goal is to not only prevent Veteran homelessness, but also to remove a Veteran from homelessness through assistance with rent and utility bills which allows for the use of a HUD-VASH voucher to secure or maintain residency. Other areas of needs will also be considered by the committee.

please email or call us at 630.971.1150